Main Entrance



The new Entrance System XCLUSIVE 88i2 sets new standards in energy efficient doors, offering countless design options with a basic depth of only 77mm.

Outstanding Thermal Insulation

Three insulation levels:
  • Optimized foam-filled insulation zone (ELVIAL i2 Technology) that ensures excellent isothermal flow of the window.
  • Multi-chamber polyamide bars, maximum size 34mm with glass fibers reinforcement 25%, (PA6.6 25 GF), for excellent insulation and extra rigidity.
  • Specially designed central gasket with 5 cavities that covers all the polyamide surface andglazing/panel gaskets with fins, for effective heat transfer minimization.

  • Uf : > 1.69 W/m2K
  • Ud* : 1.2 W/m2K with panel 28mm (Up: 1.0)
  • Ud* : 0.95 W/m2K with panel 77mm (Up: 0.6)
*Single sash construction 1.350mm x 2.500mm.


  • Increased Security Level thanks to its compatibility with wide range of security and anti-burglar locks.
  • Compatible with electronic access control systems.
  • Locking System: Locks “U” type 24x6mm.

Durability for a lifetime

HH: up to 2.550mm height up to 1.450mm width/sash up to 150kg/sash
T4: up to 2.350mm height up to 1.400mm width/sash up to 220kg/sash
Glazing: up to 60mm
Panel: up to 77mm
Perfect functionality
  • 3 Axis polyamide alignment corners with channels for glue inflow, for extra rigidity of the final product.
  • Re-enforced profile wall thickness (1.5 – 1.8mm) with high values of moment of inertia, suitable for wide and complex constructions.

Advanced Sealing System

  • 3 Level Sealing System with EPDM gaskets and continuous central gaskets on Sash, Frame and Threshold.
  • EPDM corners for both central gaskets and the outer glazing gasket.
  • Innovative Mullion End Cap made of TPV material, sealing perfectly onto the profile, ensuring excellent water tightness.


Basic Depth
FRAME: 77mm
SASH: 77mm
Minimum Face Width
F-S: 141.2mm
Τ: 82mm

Extra Features

  • Anti-distortion glass fiber polyamides used on ALL sash profiles, in order to avoid the malfunctions caused by the profile expansion and contraction due to extreme temperature changes (banana effect).
  • Easy-access threshold of 20mm.
  • Option of automatic wind break.
  • Optional use of various hinges (hidden hinge, external heavy duty hinge).

Design Freedom

  • Upgraded face-fitted door constructions that add value on the building’s image.
  • Inward-opening and Outward-opening versions are available in all typologies:
    • Single sash doors
    • Double sash doors
    • With fixed parts and/or with skylight
  • Leaf-enclosing infills are available on one side or both sides of the sash.