alumin rolls


Roller systems include slats. In aluminum boxes, the options are two:

  • Polyurethane aluminum slats made of very thin double-walled aluminum sheet, the interior of which contains polyurethane. The ecological polyurethane used by AluminRolls is environmentally friendly for perfect thermal insulation and soundproofing. Rolls made with this material are light-weighed and noiseless in use, and they are used mainly for small openings, such as windows. The design of the slats and their high density polyurethane foam ensures uniform shape and cross-section of the rolls for large constructions. AluminRolls develops shutters in many colors, as well as in wood imitation, for all applications, traditional or modern.
  • Aluminum slats: They are made of aluminum profiles and can be used in larger openings because they are more robust. Please note that this product offers greater protection against break-ins and they can be painted in much more colors.